In an age where technology is essential, having a reliable tech repair service is crucial. iSmash Tampa, located in Brandon, Florida, stands out as a leading provider of expert repair services for smartphones, tablets, and computers. Whether you’re dealing with a cracked screen, a slow laptop, or need data recovery, iSmash Tampa offers quick, reliable solutions that get your devices back to optimal performance.

What to Do

If you’re facing issues with your electronic devices, your first step is to visit iSmash Tampa. Here’s what you can do:

  • Consultation: Start with a free diagnostic to understand the issue with your device. The skilled technicians at iSmash Tampa will assess your device and provide a transparent overview of what repairs are needed and the estimated cost.
  • Repair Services: Choose from a wide range of repair services, including screen replacements, battery replacements, water damage restoration, and more. The technicians use only high-quality parts, ensuring that your device works like new.
  • Data Recovery: If you’re worried about lost data, iSmash Tampa offers data recovery services that can retrieve lost files from damaged or malfunctioning devices.


iSmash Tampa isn’t just about fixing your devices; it’s about providing a seamless service experience that includes:

  • Same-Day Repairs: For most issues, iSmash Tampa offers same-day repair services, which means you won’t have to be without your device for long.
  • Warranty on Repairs: Gain peace of mind with a warranty on all repairs, confirming the quality and durability of the work done.
  • Accessories and Protection: Browse through a selection of accessories like cases, screen protectors, and charging cables that can help protect and enhance your devices.

Plan Your Visit

Visiting iSmash Tampa is hassle-free:

  • Location and Hours: Conveniently located in Brandon, FL, check their website for current business hours to plan your visit.
  • Appointment or Walk-in: You can either walk in or book an appointment through their website. Booking an appointment can reduce your wait time and ensure that you receive immediate service upon arrival.
  • Preparation: Before your visit, backup your device if possible, especially if data recovery or complex repairs are anticipated.

iSmash Tampa is committed to providing high-quality, reliable tech repair services with a focus on customer satisfaction. Their experienced technicians, quick service times, and warranty on repairs make them a top choice for residents in and around Brandon, FL. Whether you need a quick fix for a broken phone or a major repair for your computer, iSmash Tampa ensures your digital life runs smoothly without lengthy disruptions.


As we increasingly rely on our digital devices for everyday tasks, having a dependable repair service is more important than ever. iSmash Tampa offers that reliability with professionalism and expertise, making it an invaluable resource for the Brandon community. Keep your technology in top condition by trusting the experts at iSmash Tampa, where every repair is performed with precision and care.


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